Our Mission

We are working for a sustainable future by generating and disseminating knowledge and by developing, supporting and mainstreaming policies, strategies, technologies and solutions that are environmentally sound and socially inclusive.

We will:

  • Undertake rigorous independent research, including applied research, to generate data and information that brings to light environmental challenges and helps to develop integrated and inclusive solutions.
  • Generate actionable knowledge and communication materials to inform, engage and persuade governments, businesses and the society at large to adopt environmentally sustainable policies and practices.
  • Make environment protection a peoples’ movement by promoting ‘citizens’ science’ and by informing and engaging the citizenry in key campaigns.
  • Work to scale-up best practices through policy and regulatory changes, use of innovative technologies, as well as by building partnerships involving grassroots organisations, businesses, governments, media and civil society.
  • Work to bridge the gap between national and state policies and local practices by adopting a bottom-up approach, and through demonstration and capacity building.
  • Strengthen international cooperation, especially South-South and multilateral cooperation.